There isn’t a day that goes by without the media reporting about a terrorist attack, active shooter incident, or the imminent collapse of a government’s economic system.

Newspaper articles are full of threats from some hostile foreign government or terrorist group hell bent on destroying the American way of life.

This world grows more volatile by the day with no signs of improvement.

To blindly ignore these unpredictable events will jeopardize the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones.

At Survival Sources, we believe in educating and training individuals LIKE YOU to be prepared for the unknown.

Whether it's

  • a natural or man-made disaster,
  • an active shooter scenario,
  • a home invasion,
  • or just an everyday emergency.

My many years in the counter-terrorism, military, law enforcement, survival and emergency preparedness professions have taught me that most people are clueless about what it takes to survive.

I’ve learned that most people aren't prepared to face the variety of challenges that exist today.

There are many Americans who want to live in their imaginary “protective bubble” which creates a false sense of hope and security.

When I ask people about being prepared…

...most believe that the federal government will come save them during their time of need,

or that local, state and federal entities will provide the basic essential resources needed to survive emergencies or disasters.

What scares me the most is that the majority of people believe NOTHING will ever happen to them!

This could NOT be further from the truth. 

Think about it...if a disaster or emergency happened to your family right now, would you know what to do?

Could you protect them from violent attackers aiming to hurt them?

Would you be able to get to them during an emergency situation if they were away from you?

When it comes to being ready, our philosophy at Survival Sources is to never quit learning.

It’s why you will read this book cover to cover and share the tips with your family.

If you have a family, you know the responsibility that comes with caring for them.

Becoming self sufficient and preparing for emergencies or disasters is part of providing those layers of safety.

Choosing not to educate or prepare for whatever may come would be like not providing them with a warm jacket on a cold winter day.

There’s nothing worse than the panic that comes from facing an emergency or disaster with no supplies, no plan and no survival skills.

Think about it…

If a disaster struck right now, would you know what to do?

Would you:

  • know what to do during a natural or man-made disaster?
  • have the right emergency gear to help your family survive and know how to use it?
  • know how to protect your family against a home invasion?
  • know how to protect yourself from cyber thieves and other online security threats?
  • know how to physically protect your home from the inside, outside and while on vacation?
  • know how to survive an active shooter incident?
  • know how to administer basic first aid to help yourself or someone in need?
  • know your child's school policy during an emergency lockdown?

Part of being a good citizen is not being dependent on the government, especially after a disaster. Emergency services will be overwhelmed after a disastrous event.

Preparing for different types of emergency or disaster situations allows first responders to help those who truly need assistance.

You and your family will now be prepared for the unknown and won’t have to rely on waiting for outside assistance.


...because you’re reading this, it's clear that you want to become better prepared.

Let's talk about getting you the right kind of tools and training so you REALLY CAN be prepared for any situation that comes up.

You don't want to be one of those families you hear about on the news that loses everything only to realize that a few simple actions could have prevented heartache that followed.

You Have a Choice to Make Today

Will you continue turning a blind eye to the possibility of chaos and disaster – hoping that nothing happens or that when it does the government will save you...


will you start taking steps to educate and prepare yourself so that you’re not dependent on anyone else to meet your needs or those of your family?

I Think the Choice is Simple.

Wouldn’t you like to have a simple plan to help educate, train and prepare you for emergencies or disasters before they happen?

Wouldn’t you like to sleep soundly at night knowing that your family is better protected because YOU made the time to know and understand the immediate threats around you?

Wouldn't you feel more confident knowing:

  • the 35 natural, man-made and worldly disasters you should prepare for?
  • the home invader trends and know what to look for?
  • the 5 different places you should keep emergency supplies at all times?
  • the 6 steps you should take immediately if your identification is stolen?
  • the hidden mobile phone feature that could incriminate you up to one year later?
  • the 9 weapons (that are not guns) that could potentially save your life?
  • the top 10 official threats to the American way of life?
  • how to tell someone is lying to you?

You never truly know what you’re capable of until it's actually happening.

The instant you are experiencing unforeseen hardships and your family is under immediate threat - whether physically, emotionally or financially…

Only by being prepared will you know what to do.

Obviously your level of preparedness is determined by your investment into training and how you’ll respond to scary scenarios that can happen in an instant.

This is only the beginning...

"The Ultimate Survival Source" from Survival Sources contains so much valuable information that we’re confident it will prepare you across a wide area of expertise to include:

  • counter-terrorism,
  • emergency preparedness,
  • survival,
  • self defense,
  • and weapons and tactics.

Remember, It Starts With YOU!

A new world of threats demands a new kind of preparedness!

Do YOU have what it takes?

Knowledge isn’t just “Power”.

It can be the difference between Life and Death in an emergency, disaster or crisis. Your knowledge and training may one day be the only thing standing between a violent attacker and your family.

Don’t wait to start educating and preparing yourself and your family AFTER a disaster emergency happens!


Get immediate access to exclusive content and information that delivers excellent training tips on how to be prepared.

Imagine the peace of mind this can give to you and your family!

We struggled to put a price on this product as we fully understand the value of the content inside. We know the benefits of this information can be life saving, right now and in the years to come, from using it and applying it to your life.

Because we believe so strongly in the content of this product we aren't going to charge you the suggested $297 as we had originally planned…

YES it’s that good!

We wouldn’t even feel right charging $197…mainly because at that price it would still be out of reach of so many people.

So we thought long and hard about this and wanted to make this as affordable as possible for every family.

Right now with this exclusive offer we're making the Survival Sources “The Ultimate Survival Source” available to you for just $9.97!

When you take immediate action, right now, and order “The Ultimate Survival Source” today…

You'll get...

  • The Complete "The Ultimate Survival Source" full digital download waiting for something in the mail!


We’re so confident that you’ll learn so many bad ass, proven life saving tips that you can truly use, each and every day, you’ll get a 100% 30-day Guarantee with Survival Sources "The Ultimate Survival Source”

In fact, the content we have here is so powerful that our partners are begging us to share it with them for their clients right now. For this reason we don't know how long we'll keep the $9.97 price available for you.

Don't Sit On The Fence With This One.

Right Now...

...we want to get this into the homes of as many families as possible and give them the ability to be prepared as fast and efficiently as possible.

Attacks, natural disasters and just bad luck will occur when you have your pants down.

So get your personal copy of the Survival Sources “The Ultimate Survival Source" right now and dive into it immediately!

YES! I Want Instant Access to Learn How to Protect My Family, Survive Any Emergency, Disaster or Crisis -

No Matter What!

P.S. Training courses on any one of the topics included in this book would normally go for between $29 and $297 EACH. You will receive 9 action-packed chapters of content for just the $9.97 investment into your family's future.


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