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 Founded November 11, 2017

Arming Patriots is a Veteran owned and operated business with a team of former and current military trainers and recruiters, business professionals, partner entities, military, law enforcement and, most important, veterans.

One of our primary missions is to help establish post-service careers. This includes world-class training in the security, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism fields as well as assisting veterans and other members in establishing their own businesses and leveraging the internet to grow these businesses.

Arming Patriots encourages its members to become prepared citizens and not be dependent on the government, especially after a disaster. Emergency services will be stretched extremely thin in the aftermath of any major disastrous event. Preparing for an emergency allows first responders to help more people who truly need assistance.

Our mission and purpose at Arming Patriots is to help people prepare for the unknown.

We are quickly becoming the most well known, important and useful survival resource center in the world. Arming Patriots will provide weekly news, tips, tactics, resources and skills-development courses.

Arming Patriots helps keep its members informed, protected, happy and healthy no matter what they encounter.


To Your Preparedness,

Enrique, Andrew & Troy

Arming Patriots


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