Arming Patriots Founding Member Offer

So on top of what you have already seen and will be getting as a Founding is a little more detail of what you will get!

Benefits of being a Founding Member include all of the following:

Free Members:

  • 12 training courses per year, 1 per month included
  • Access to members Facebook group
  • Invites to Live events after paid members have an opportunity to register
  • Opportunity to purchase Arming Patriots merchandise

Paid Members (Will be starting at $39/mth after Founding Member spots are filled):

  • All free member benefits, PLUS
  • Additional videos for the free training to be included for paid members only
  • Additional training content for paid members only
  • Discounts on Arming Patriots merchandise
  • Discounts on courses and other content from Arming Patriots and our Partners
  • Monthly and Quarterly giveaways.

Founding Members:

  • All benefits of a paid member
  • Limited edition t-shirt after the Founding Members are full
  • Membership card as part of the first 1000 members
  • VIP treatment at events
  • Never pay more than $30 a month
  • Founding Member Sticker

Don't let the opportunity evade you. Once these memberships are filled...they will never be available again!


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