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Planning & Preparation

Before even writing the first word, you will be able to plan and prepare for the entire process of writing your first book.

This includes knowing where and when you will write each day and having the support of your family and friends. Know WHY you are doing this and it'll happen.

Goals & Structure

Having specific goals and being structured in this process will be the difference between finishing your book or leaving it as just another "I wish I'd finished that..." item on your regret list.

Work through setting your goals and structuring the process for success.

Accountability & Focus

Setting a specific and time sensitive goal for your book is key.

While 30 days is going to go quick, you will have the option of being part of a community to support you and provide the accountability to stay focused and on target to make your book happen!

Tell The World Your Story!

In the next 30 days you can achieve your goal of not only writing a book, you will also have it published and available for people to purchase it as well!


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